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Lots of Character!

Wooden Bear Fabrics designed for
Red Rooster Fabrics
Most of the items I design, whether it's patterns or fabrics, center around characters.  I just love the whimsy.  With applique, you only need a good outline to create the character.  Each piece, whether an arm, leg, or hat, has to be one complete piece so it can be cut.  When I started designing fabric in 2008, it was very liberating!  It had been so long since I had actually fully sketched a character adding faces, shading, those cute little details.  It started bringing out more of my creativity, and made me start thinking in all new directions.

If you would like to see my fabrics on Red Rooster Fabric's website, click on the link below.

Wooden Bear Graphics & Printables
Since I had all of the artwork for the fabrics, and I just can't resist trying anything crafty, I started using the artwork to design printables and also offering the graphics for other crafty people to use!  Here's a link to the information on my Graphics & Printables!
WB Graphics & Printables!

PHONE: 866-927-8458

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