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These are patterns from other designers that we thought were simply too cute!

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(CHK-ATN1717) Christmas Ornaments Including Preprinted Fabric

$12.60 $18.00

(CHK-BHD2035) Merry Merry Snowmen Pattern


(CHK-PRI163) Daisy Table Mat


(CHK-PRI383) Needful Things Table Mat


(CHK-CCFB005) More Cottage Keepsakes


(JABC-P1060) Be Foxy Pincushion

$10.00 - $31.25

(JABC-10054.G) Be Foxy Pincushion Button Pack


(JABC-JP190) Just Pins- Be Foxy


(JABC-P1005) Pumpkin Spice Pincushion

$8.00 - $28.50

(JABC-9438.G) Pumpkin Spice Pincushion Button Pack


(JABC-JP136) Just Pins- Harvest Heart


(JABC-P1027) Jabco the Snowman Pincushion

$8.00 - $19.40

(JABC-9296.G) Jabco the Snowman Pincushion Button Pack


(JABC-JP202) Just Pins- Pine Tree Pins


(JABC-JP542) Just Pins- Just Frosty


(JABC-P1011) Winter Bird Pincushion

$8.00 - $19.00

(JABC-9458.G) Winter Bird Pincushion Button Pack


(JABC-P1004) Eugenia Tuffet Pincushion


(CHK-BMB1397) Halloween Camper


(CHK-BMB1359) Bringing Home the Tree


(CHK-BMB1458) Deliver Joy


(CHK-ATN1715) Snow Days Bowl Fillers


(CHK-TP811) Wee Woolies- Like Mother Like Daughter


(CHK-BMB1459) Holiday Thermoses


(CHK-ATN1413) Ole St Nick


(CHK-PRI581) Snowman Collector


(NH-DressMe) Dress Me Up Frosty


(NH-Frosty) Frosty the Red Nosed Snowman


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