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PLEASE NOTE:  The patterns in this section are downloadable e-pattern versions

NO PRODUCT WILL BE SHIPPED!  After purchasing, you will receive a link by email to download your pattern.

These are the instant download versions of some of our popular Patternlets!  Purchase, print, sew!

We also have PATTERNLET BUNDLES for each of our E-Patternlets.  They are featured next to their respective products below.

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(TWB-EP41) E-pattern P41 Watermelon Patternlet


(TWB-EP42) E-pattern P42 Strawberry Lemonade Patternlet


(TWB-EP43) E-pattern P43 Beehive Patternlet


(TWB-EP44) E-pattern P44 Cat and Yarn Patternlet


(HCD-BL11TWB-2) ALTERNATIVE Button Pack November Turkey & Trimmings


(TWB-EP02) E-pattern P02 Penguin Patternlet


(TWB-EP05) E-pattern P05 Pumpkin Patternlet


(TWB-EP06) E-pattern P06 Turkey Patternlet


(TWB-EP10) E-pattern P10 Snowballs Patternlet


(TWB-EP17) E-pattern P17 Santa Patternlet


(TWB-EP18) E-pattern P18 Snowman and Tree Patternlet


(TWB-EP40) E-pattern P40 Holly Jolly Santa Patternlet


(BUNDLE-P40) Bundle It for P40 Holly Jolly Santa

$4.34 - $42.46

(TWB-EP39) E-pattern P39 Snowflake Patternlet


(BUNDLE-P39) Bundle It for P39 Snowflake

$2.50 - $35.62

(TWB-EP38) E-pattern P38 Sunflower Patternlet


(BUNDLE-P38) Bundle It for P38 Sunflower

$2.50 - $40.62

(TWB-EP37) E-pattern P37 Horse Patternlet


(BUNDLE-P37) Bundle It for P37 Horse

$1.00 - $30.49

(TWB-EP01) E-pattern P01 Snowman Patternlet


(TWB-EP03) E-pattern P03 Square Snowman Patternlet


(TWB-EP04) E-pattern P04 Reindeer Patternlet


(TWB-EHog) Hog Epattern


(TWB-EP35) E-pattern P35 Goat Patternlet


(BUNDLE-P35) Bundle It for P35 Goat

$1.90 - $31.39

(TWB-EP36) E-pattern P36 Sheep Patternlet


(BUNDLE-P36) Bundle It for P36 Sheep

$1.75 - $31.24

(TWB-EP26) E-pattern P26 Little Hoot Owl


(TWB-EP27) E-pattern P27 Snowboarding Snowman Patternlet


(BUNDLE-P27) Bundle It for P27 Snowboarding Snowman

$1.10 - $35.59

(TWB-EP28) E-pattern P28 Snowman and Son Patternlet


(BUNDLE-P28) Bundle It for P28 Snowman & Son

$1.30 - $40.79

(TWB-EP29) E-pattern P29 Joyful Snowman Patternlet


(BUNDLE-P29) Bundle It for P29 Joyful Snowman

$2.00 - $41.49

(TWB-EP30) E-pattern P30 Polar Walrus Patternlet


(BUNDLE-P30) Bundle It for P30 Polar Walrus


(TWB-EP31) E-pattern P31 Polar Penguin Patternlet


(BUNDLE-P31) Bundle It for P31 Polar Penguin


(TWB-EP32) E-pattern P32 Polar Bear Patternlet


(BUNDLE-P32) Bundle It for P32 Polar Bear

$1.60 - $36.09

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