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These are the instant download versions of some of our popular Patternlets!  Purchase, print, sew!

We also have PATTERNLET BUNDLES for each of our E-Patternlets.  They are featured next to their respective products below.

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(TWB-EP41) E-pattern P41 Watermelon Patternlet


(TWB-EP42) E-pattern P42 Strawberry Lemonade Patternlet


(TWB-EP43) E-pattern P43 Beehive Patternlet


(TWB-EP44) E-pattern P44 Cat and Yarn Patternlet


(HCD-BL11TWB-2) ALTERNATIVE Button Pack November Turkey & Trimmings


(TWB-EP02) E-pattern P02 Penguin Patternlet


(TWB-EP05) E-pattern P05 Pumpkin Patternlet


(TWB-EP06) E-pattern P06 Turkey Patternlet


(TWB-EP10) E-pattern P10 Snowballs Patternlet


(TWB-EP17) E-pattern P17 Santa Patternlet


(TWB-EP18) E-pattern P18 Snowman and Tree Patternlet


(TWB-EP40) E-pattern P40 Holly Jolly Santa Patternlet


(BUNDLE-P40) Bundle It for P40 Holly Jolly Santa

$4.34 - $42.46

(TWB-EP39) E-pattern P39 Snowflake Patternlet


(BUNDLE-P39) Bundle It for P39 Snowflake

$2.50 - $35.62

(TWB-EP38) E-pattern P38 Sunflower Patternlet


(BUNDLE-P38) Bundle It for P38 Sunflower

$2.50 - $40.62

(TWB-EP37) E-pattern P37 Horse Patternlet


(BUNDLE-P37) Bundle It for P37 Horse

$1.00 - $30.49

(TWB-EP01) E-pattern P01 Snowman Patternlet


(TWB-EP03) E-pattern P03 Square Snowman Patternlet


(TWB-EP04) E-pattern P04 Reindeer Patternlet


(TWB-EHog) Hog Epattern


(TWB-EP35) E-pattern P35 Goat Patternlet


(BUNDLE-P35) Bundle It for P35 Goat

$1.90 - $31.39

(TWB-EP36) E-pattern P36 Sheep Patternlet


(BUNDLE-P36) Bundle It for P36 Sheep

$1.75 - $31.24

(TWB-EP26) E-pattern P26 Little Hoot Owl


(TWB-EP27) E-pattern P27 Snowboarding Snowman Patternlet


(BUNDLE-P27) Bundle It for P27 Snowboarding Snowman

$1.10 - $35.59

(TWB-EP28) E-pattern P28 Snowman and Son Patternlet


(BUNDLE-P28) Bundle It for P28 Snowman & Son

$1.30 - $40.79

(TWB-EP29) E-pattern P29 Joyful Snowman Patternlet


(BUNDLE-P29) Bundle It for P29 Joyful Snowman

$2.00 - $41.49

(TWB-EP30) E-pattern P30 Polar Walrus Patternlet


(BUNDLE-P30) Bundle It for P30 Polar Walrus


(TWB-EP31) E-pattern P31 Polar Penguin Patternlet


(BUNDLE-P31) Bundle It for P31 Polar Penguin


(TWB-EP32) E-pattern P32 Polar Bear Patternlet


(BUNDLE-P32) Bundle It for P32 Polar Bear

$1.60 - $36.09

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